Bulleit Frontier Works

Bulleit is a frontier whiskey for the modern frontier. That’s why we started Bulleit Frontier Works, a series of projects where Bulleit collaborates with people who are pushing the frontier of their craft or expertise. Whether that’s creating the world’s largest tattoo billboard or giving new life to the old craft of neon signs, all of our Frontier Works projects highlight the interesting people and places at the edge of the modern frontier.

The Frontier Works Mission

The cultural frontier isn't a physical place, it's a shared purpose among people who are constantly pushing boundaries. Tom Bulleit joined the cultural frontier when he quit his job as a successful lawyer to pursue a lifelong dream of founding Bulleit Distilling Co. Inspired by his pioneering spirit, Bulleit Frontier Works is a series of projects and collaborations with modern cultural creators.

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We'll be documenting all of these collaborations with artists, creators, and whiskey lovers across the country. Use the hashtag #FrontierWorks to follow along and share your own photos.

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Pop-Up Magazine and Great Big Story teamed up with Bulleit to add a human dimension to #FrontierWorks. These two storytelling teams spoke to the creators pushing the definitions of their craft. Through our partnership with Pop-Up Magazine we connected with tattoo artists across the country to tell their stories and Great Big Story gave us a global look at the Neon cultural frontier.

Bulleit Presents: Frontier Works - Impressions

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Bulleit Presents: Frontier Works - Neon

Bulleit Presents: Frontier Works - Tattoo

Frontier Works Wall